Develop your business with us

We see the diversity of business partners in terms of size and potential, which is why we have built a partnership program whose principles are conducive to the development of sales among large and small companies.

Classic model of cooperation

Check the possibilities of the DAGMA Partner Program and see how easy it is to gain access to the full offer, practical training and interesting promotions, so that you will expand your knowledge, develop your business and stay ahead of the competition.

Stability of rules

Presales support


Marketing support

More support

Stability and certainty of rules

The pillar of cooperation with Partners is the Dagma Partner Program, which clearly defines the basic principles, rights and obligations. All the tools to facilitate the work of our Partners have been carefully developed and collected in a dedicated portal.

Possibility to obtain a trade credit

Each of our partners may apply for the possibility of purchasing solutions offered by Dagma with a deferred payment date. The amount of the trade credit granted and the payment date depend on the turnover between the Partner and Dagma.

Access to the Partner Area

For our partners, we have created a website with materials for quick offer, an interface for self-creation of projects, preview of sold licenses, the latest information on promotions, premieres and meetings, and much more.

Booking of sales projects

By submitting to Dagma complete information on the started sales talks with a given customer, you gain priority service over other Partners and provide an additional discount.

Dedicated sales manager

We treat working with our partners as a priority, and their projects are supported with due diligence. A dedicated sales assistant guarantees you the speed of contact and personalization of activities.

Quick bidding

Offering customers and concluding transactions has never been so easy! Having access to the ESET calculator, solution price lists, as well as being in constant contact with a dedicated sales manager, you are able to submit an offer to the client before the competition does.

Providing sales leads

As a distributor, we do not sell the offered solutions to your current or potential customers, but we actively support your sales. We organize events, conduct talks, offer substantive and technical support, finally assigning leads to Partners.

Product and technical training

We know that in order to sell effectively, comprehensive knowledge about the products on offer is necessary. Being aware of this, we provide our Partners with access to the knowledge of Product Managers and technical engineers both during events dedicated to Partners and during recordings on demand.

Presales support

We support your sales department in developing offers, preparing presentations and lectures at webinars and meetings organized by your company. We offer support in the preparation of demo environments and the implementation of Proof of Concept.

Technical support

Grow with the knowledge of our IT experts. Consult and get recommendations. Provide your customers with adaptation to the requirements of the network environment, installation, activation and configuration as well as removal of infections.

Marketing support

It has been known for a long time that advertising is a leverage of trade. Working with Dagma, you will be able to download and use product descriptions, graphics, leaflets and promotional materials necessary to update the offer on your website.

Cyclical promotions and incentive programs

We treat the development of our partners as our own. To encourage the achievement of better and better sales results, we invite you to participate in short-term but cyclical promotional campaigns and long-term incentive programs.

Regular newsletter with the latest information and promotions

As our Partner, you join the regular information service. You will find there information about price list updates, news about planned product premieres or invitations to participate in competitions for Partners.

Breakfast & learn

We will help you organize and conduct meetings with clients in atypical in the form of a business breakfast. During the meeting, we will present the solution to your client, whose purchase is considering.

Webinars and workshops

You do not have time to meet the customer face to face to present the product from our offer? Invite him to a free, less than an hour long webinar (for customers who have contact with the product for the first time) or workshops (for customers who want to learn more about the technical aspects of the selected product).

Presentations at the client's premises

Do you want to present the possibilities and advantages of the product to the management board or manager in the client's company? Our engineer together with the product manager will be happy to help you - we will come to the place you choose and together with you we will present the advantages of our product.

Solution tests at the customer

If the customer is still hesitating or there is only a shadow of uncertainty in the decision making, resulting from not knowing how the product works - offer him / her to test the solution. A dedicated sales manager, product manager and technical department engineer will help you organize and run them correctly.

Who is our affiliate program for?

The DAGMA Partner Program is aimed at software resellers, outsourcing companies and online stores. We also invite entities providing IT services, selling computer equipment or IT solutions.

Become our partner

Sale in a subscription model
(Managed Service Provider)

As a managed services partner, you have the option to create a new business area for your company or expand an existing one.

Advantages of selling in the subscription model MSP

Save time

You settle accounts with DAGMA IT security on a monthly basis. The process is significantly simplified - you do not need to create projects, because in this model they do not function at all! You also save time related to e.g. extending them.

More profit, more attractive purchase price

You only pay for the services you use, you don't need to make any investments. Additionally, the more licenses you buy, the lower the single purchase price is (the number of licenses is calculated from the aggregation of all your customers!).


Flexibility guarantees your clients a sense of security and savings - providing a service without being bound by long-term obligations.

Increasing the group of potential customers

No need to set up projects will allow you to offer solutions to all your clients. And expanding the target group means more profits! You can also create your network of business partners who will build the scale of your business, it all depends on you!

What is the difference between the classic sales model and the subscription model (MSP)?

Classic sales model


customer price

Affiliate discount
(based on partner status)

of the project


with Dagma

Subscription model (MSP)

Purchase price
(resulting from aggregation)


with Dagma

Working in the subscription model (MSP)
is dedicated to Partners who:
  • provide IT outsourcing services,
  • provide a Data Center,
  • manage clients' IT infrastructure,
  • are suppliers of IT infrastructure for their clients,
  • offer maintenance services for workstations and servers.

Start selling in the MSP model