In our everyday work, we follow the strictest norms and industry standards. But we are also proactive in our approach, constantly developing and improving our business by acquiring new certifications.

ISO 9001 Standard

We follow the latest ISO 9001 quality standards, developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation.

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Being ISO-certified means that our sales, training and technical support activities meet the highest quality standards and are carried out with utmost care. It also means that you can expect a consistently high quality from all our services and products.

DAGMA meets the requirements of ISO 9001, which include documentation and records management, management involvement in building a quality management system, systematising resource management, implementing product realisation processes and conducting regular measurements of customer satisfaction, product quality and processes.

ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System)

We are one of only a few hundred companies in Poland that are ISO 27001-certified. This is proof that we apply strict information security rules.

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We not only secure our IT systems and the data they hold, but also handle data in a regulated manner in our everyday work, protecting information that is vital to our company, as well as our employees, clients and trade partners.

ISO 22301 (Continuity Management System)

We have decided to increase the resilience of our business and ensure that nothing can disrupt the services we provide to our clients and business partners.

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Our system helps us set our everyday priorities, in addition to enabling us to identify threats to key areas without which our business would shut down. As a result, we have reduced the risk of unwanted incidents, and even if they do occur – although we hope they won’t – we will know exactly how to respond on the systemic and organisational levels.

ICS (Internal Control System)

We have also implemented an Internal Control System, which is indispensable for a business which deals in strategic goods (including software and technologies).

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Strategic goods are products which can have both civilian and military applications (such as the construction, manufacture or research and development of weapons of mass destruction or new unconventional weaponry). Strategic goods also include IT solutions featuring strong encryption using the AES 256 algorithm.

It is worth noting that for an Internal Control System (ICS) system to function, a company needs to conform to the ISO 9001 standard.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Authorisation

We have been authorised (auth. no. B-040/2004) by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration to deal in strategic goods. The authorisation encompasses such products as solutions featuring strong AES 256 encryption.

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These are in particular products and technologies for use by military and police forces, and which are used to protect confidential information as defined in Appendix 2 to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of 3 December 2001 on types of weapons and ammunition and the list of products and technologies for military and police use which require authorisation to manufacture and trade (Journal of Laws no. 145, item 1625 and of 2003, no. 219, item 2152).